Helping to celebrate LGBTQ+ genre cinema from emerging and established queer artists within the community.

Ghosts of Summer was started by a couple of nerds with arts backgrounds who love Halloween and crave community. We are always searching for things to do to immerse ourselves in Autumnal celebrations and wanted a space where the cool creative people who make those things happen can share their work in one place to be supported by the weird and wonderful people of the Pacific Northwest.

This dessert shop cooks up sexy spooky sweets while living deliciously in the PNW. Portland’s Cookie Witch is Queer & BIPOC owned.

This bar offers an incredible menu of authentic and mouthwatering Columbian food, cheeky cocktails, and great music to dance to. With an upscale, moody vibe, when you’re looking for an evening of chic drinks and friendly folks, head to Sissy Bar.

Located in the heart of Portland, the Jupiter Original and Jupiter NEXT hotels offer guests a one-of-a-kind experience that captures the city’s lively and dynamic spirit. These unique hotels are perfect for travelers looking for a comfortable and stylish place to stay while exploring all that Portland has to offer.


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