To celebrate LGBTQ+ genre cinema from emerging and established queer artists within the community – locally, nationally and internationally.


To support LGTBQ+ Artists and Creators of queer stories by providing a platform – via a live film festival event – to reach a larger audience. To present opportunities to connect with LGBTQ+ horror/sci-fi/fantasy/thriller fans through film screenings, as well as personal interaction. To contribute to an evergrowing community of genre film lovers by engaging in “the conversation” and the pursuit of positive queer representation in media. To have a “gay old time”.


JT Seaton

JT Seaton

Festival Director

Ever since JT was a wee lad growing up in Bakersfield, CA., he had always wanted to be an artist, whether it was making movies and stop-motion animation (with his Star Wars action figures) with his dad’s Super8 film camera or creating Polaroid collages. Art and artistic expression has always been a huge part of JT.

JT graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a Masters Degree in Film Directing. And he has been making movies ever since. In 2010 he co-founded the NOLA Horror Film Fest (in New Orleans). Running for 11 years, the NOLAHFF earned a stellar reputation culminating in being named one of the World’s 50 Best Genre Film Festivals by MovieMaker Magazine in 2021.

Lil' Bo

Lil' Bo


This is Lil’ Bo’s first gig as a Mascot. When asked to provide a little information about himself, this is what he said…

“Hmmm… a little about me. I’m too banal to be able to say anything specific. I live by myself and keep to myself. It’s not that I dislike people, au contraire, it’s just that I like myself more. What others think about me means a lot, so comments are welcome.

Some things I like to do: I like to sleep in and be lazy all day. I could eat fast food for every meal. If I never had to go outside that would be okay with me. I mean, why do we even have bookstores, coffee shops and supermarkets when we can get it all delivered? Am I right?”

Clinton Street Theater

The Clinton Street Theater in Portland, Oregon has been home to a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow-cast since 1978. But it’s history and unique place in Cinema Theater goes further back then that, making it the oldest continually operating theater west of the Mississippi. 

Opened in 1915 as The Clinton, the theater became the 26th Avenue Theatre in 1945 and the Encore in 1969. In 1976, it reverted to its original name. Although the theater has undergone many changes over the years, it remains an intimate single screen venue with the capacity for 222 patrons.

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